Did you know?  Most online companies charge a fee to the real estate agent to belong to the company’s service.  They then pay a referral commission to the company at the completion of the sale.  The problem is that you then are referred only to the agents that pay up front to get the leads. For instance, there may be over 1000 agents in the area, but only 175 or so belong to the service.  So, automatically the selection pool is smaller and you may not get an agent that is suited just for you.  How are we different?  We don’t charge the agent an upfront charge.  We simply charge the Realtor a negotiated referral fee at closing with no cost to you.

Need housing?   If you want to buy a villa, single family, condo, town home, apartment, manufactured home,(or whatever) – We can find an agent to help with your specific needs and select the perfect home for you!  And the best thing is, there is no charge to you.  The agent selected will pay a referral fee at at the completion of the purchase.

Not sure of the differences between condo, house, etc?  Following is a brief explanation of each.


A condominium is a form of ownership that is of a portion of a whole. For instance, in a large building you may buy one or more condo units  of the building.   There may be condos above or below your unit.  Typically you pay a condo association fee for the maintenance and upkeep for the common areas such as  hallways, workout facilities and pool areas. Although you do not own the areas, you help pay for the maintenance through your condo association fees, and are able to use them. Although you don’t own the common areas, you will own the interior of the unit and can paint it or remodel it as you wish. In some condo’s you also own a portion of the roof, so it is important to read the condo documents and regulations prior  to purchasing a condo in order to understand any restrictions there may be as well as what you are buying.


Town-homes are often similar to a single family home but usually has at least one shared wall with a neighbor.   Generally you will own the outside of the building as well as the inside of the building. Usually, you will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the outside, inside and adjoining grounds. Often there will be an association similar to a condo that will cover common areas such as a pool.


A villa can be used to describe a variety of dwellings and is often used to describe a vacation unit. However,  it also can be used to describe a unit that is among  similar attached ground level units

Single Family

A single family ownership is the most common ownership in the United States.  If you buy a single family home, you will own the  interior, exterior, and the land that the house sits upon.  Homes can be in areas with associations to maintain common areas or they can be in an area where there is no association.

Still have questions?  Once you have an agent helping you find your housing, they will be able to answer your questions.

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